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Skid Row Lower Control Arm Skid Plate

Price: $104.50

These skid plates fit on 1984-2001 XJ Cherokees, 1993-1998 ZJ Grand Cherokees, and 1997-Present TJ Wranglers, including the new 2003 Rubicons. They are completely bolt-on and protect the mounting points of the lower control arms on the Dana 30 front axle. Why does this matter? Simply because these are the first parts to hit the rocks and they are pretty easily damaged. These skid plates are built to take a beating! They are made from 1/4" steel plate and use custom-bent, grade 5 u-bolts and grade 5 nuts to mount them to the axle. Just trim off the extra bolt threads when you're done. They fit tight against the sway bar mounting tab on one side and up against the axle housing on the other side. They can be used on vehicles with an axle disconnect or on those without. These units are designed to fit with stock or aftermarket control arms. Because of this, the gap between the skid plate and the control arm appears to be rather large.. For applications with aftermarket control arms our new high clearance model is designed to give you maximum ground clearance along with the maximum protection. If you are interested in the high clearance model, contact me and Iíll get them to you!