How I picked the best Jeep seat covers for interior protection

By Robert B.

I began my search for a set of durable Jeep seat covers because I was tired of looking at my old torn seats every day.

As most Jeep owners could agree, my front seats have taken some abuse over time.

My new seat covers had to meet 4 criteria:

  • Washable - If I spill anything on them, which I will probably do, I want to be able to wash them.
  • Durable - I'm not looking for some cushiony velvet Jeep seat covers, I don't drive a luxury sedan. I want a set that will stand the test of time and won't fade or wear out.
  • Tan - This is obvious. I want my Jeep seat covers to match the interior of my Jeep.
  • Custom fit - I know this may seem a little picky, but I want my covers to be custom made for my Jeep. I want them to follow the contours of my seat, giving them a tight fit.

I turned to the message boards at Jeep Unlimited for information about the various Jeep seat covers that are on the market. After making a couple posts and searching I found two brands of Jeep seat covers that would suit my needs equally.

Both brands are of great quality. The only difference between them is that the Wet Okole's are water-proof because they are made of neoprene (wet suit material), while the CoverCrafts have a built-in back pocket that's handy for maps.

CoverCraft Seat Savers
( approx. $99 )

Wet Okole Seat Covers
( approx. $225 )
Read more about these here.

Although I would have liked water-proof neoprene Jeep seat covers , I'm a cheapskate so I decided to order my Cover Craft Jeep seat covers. I tried a search for "covercraft" at their site and found them. Two days after ordering them I had my new toys.

I inspected them for any defects and found none. These things are very durable; they appear to be made of the same material as Carhartts. First I pre-fit my seat covers to make sure they fit, then I washed them on a gentle cycle of cold water. After drying I installed my Jeep seat covers.

The Jeep seat covers not only look and fit great, but now I have Carhartts for my seats! My CoverCraft Seat Savers are one of my best investments for my Jeep's interior.

You can pick up these CoverCraft seat covers, or other Jeep seat covers from the following stores that I shop at myself, too:

4Wheel Drive Hardware