Greatly enhance your interior with some white Jeep indiglo gauges

By Robert B.

One mod that I have been planning to do was some white Jeep indiglo gauges. I've seen white face gauges on many, many Jeeps, but not too many sets of Jeep indiglo gauges.

At one point I found a PDF file of white Jeep gauges online for $10, and I had them printed out on glossy photo paper at my local Kinkos.

I had the hardest time installing these because I used an adhesive that was too sticky and didn't let me get my gauges on right. After about 5 minutes with a blow dryer and GooGone, my gauges were back to normal.

I finally just decided to spring for a set of white Jeep indiglo gauges. They weren't too much more and the indiglo sounded appealing. If you don't know by now, I used the Jeeps Unlimited Forums to research where the best place was to purchase white Jeep indiglo gauges where. The general consensus was to keep my eyes open on Ebay for a set. If you try a search for "jeep glow gauges" you are bound to find plenty of white Jeep indiglo gauges. I've made it even easier for you, just click "Search" below and it will take you directly to all of the white Jeep indiglo gauges Ebay has to offer.


Ebay dealers always have new listings, so you'll almost always be able to find a set of Jeep indiglo gauges. I purchased mine from Ebay seller "msispeed" for only $28, so if you order from him you should have a good shopping experience.

Anyways, to my surprise, I received my Jeep indiglo gauges in the mail only 3 days later. Here is what they looked like as soon as I took them out of the package. Well, actually, these aren't MY personal gauges, I forgot to take that picture before I installed them, but my white Jeep indiglo gauges are this exact type.

The white Jeep indiglo gauges are paper thin, and appear to be covered in sometype of protective clear coating. When I say they are of high quality, I mean it, these things are constructed very well.

Now on to the install of the white indiglo Jeep gauges. I'll do my best to cover every step of the install of the gauge inserts. If any part of my instructions is confusing, don't hesitate to contact me . Please note, I forgot to take pictures while I was removing the gauge cluster, so I went back and took the pics while I reassembling the dash, so don't let it confuse you that my gauges are white when they should be black in some of the pictures. Also, these instructions should be used in addition to the instructions you receive with your white Jeep indiglo gauge inserts.

  • First remove the 4 screws holding on the black dash trim and the 3 screws holding the plastic steering column on. The screws in the steering column require a torq screwdriver, so have one handy. NOTE The screw in the dash trim I don't have marked is above the Jeep's lighter.

  • Remove the cap of the mileage recorder (the one you push in every time you get gas). Pull it firmly, it'll pop off. NOTE: In some older XJ/MJ's the trip odometer knob should NOT be pulled off, it's actually screwed in on older models. Be sure to check this before you try to pull this off. Thanks to Teron for that tip! Next remove the 4 brass colored screws, this allows you to take off the clear plastic cover and black dash bezel.

  • The next step is to remove the gauge cluster from the dash. Remove the six "plastic like" screws that hold the gauge cluster in place. Slowly remove the gauge cluster from the dash because there are two harnesses attached to it, one in the center of the cluster that controls the speedometer, etc. and one on the left of the cluster that controls the check engine light, etc. Carefully remove the harnessess and take the cluster to a comfortable place where you can work on it.

  • In order to work with each gauge individually, I choose to remove each gauge. Look on the back of the gauge cluster and remove the cooresponding screws for each gauge (it's simply enough to figure out which screws hold in each gauge.) Each gauge will fall out once the screws behind them are removed, so be careful.

  • Once you have the gauge removed, lay the jeep indiglo gauge overlay on top of the gauge. Mark on the gauge where the Jeep indiglo gauge overlay's electrial connection is, so we know where to cut.

  • In order for the insert to set flat in the gauge, we must cut and bend part of the gauge as shown. I made two cuts and then bent back the section in beween the cuts. You can tell how the Jeep indiglo gauge insert is now setting flat in the gauge. Don't forget to remove the 2 screws on the gauge, and place them through the indiglo gauge overlay to secure it in place.

  • Repeat step 5 for each gauge. Run the electrical wires behind the gauges and out on the right side of the gauge cluster. Replace the gauge back into the dash. I choose to place the extra length of the wires behind the panel on the right side of the gauges because there is nothing behind it. Here is what everything should look like at this step:

  • Now we have to connect our white Jeep indiglo gauge inserts to a 12V power source that has current when the headlights are turned on. I pulled out my trusty multimeter and started testing the various wires of the harness. Luckily the second wire I checked had power only when the headlights were turned on. It's an orange wire with a black stripe on it, and it's located in the harness that connects to the middle of the gauge cluster, the one that controls the speedometer, etc. Before you splice into this wire, make sure you disconnect your battery.

  • After you splice the power wire into the orange/black wire, make sure the jeep indiglo gauges have a good ground connection. Check to see if your gauges work.
  • The only thing left to do is replace everything back into the Jeep, obviously in the reverse order you took it out.

That is basically it for the install of my white Jeep indiglo gauges, it's pretty simple once you have a plan made. Another note from Teron, while you have your cluster removed, now would be the perfect time to check, inspect, and/or replace any bad bulbs or gauges, such as that low fuel light, temperature gauge, etc.

Here's a picture of the finished installation. I feel that my Jeep indiglo gauges are a very nice addition to my interior. You'll have to adjust the intensity of the light the Jeep indiglo gauges put out, the 100% intensity is way to bright for driving, I currently have mine set at a little less than 50%. After reading this article, if you decide to get a set of your own Jeep indiglo gauges from Ebay tell me about it! I would be more than willing to display pictures of your installed white Jeep indiglo gauges and your Jeep on my site, so just let me know!