How I researched and purchased the best custom Jeep floor mats

By Robert B.

Many people, myself included, consider new Jeep floor mats as the easiest way to keep your interior clean. When I first got my Jeep there was one thing I had to replace, my front floor mats. The Jeep floor mats that came with my vehicle didn't appear to be same color as factory mats anymore. Over the four years of use my Jeep saw before I owned it, its floors had caught everything from Coke to mud.

Not to mention that my Jeep floor mats were ruined, but the carpet around the Jeep floor mats had many disgusting stains. What's worse, is that the water soaked in the mats posed as a breeding ground for mildew and electrical problems down the road.

First I diagnosed the problem, then I began my search for a solution.

My ideal Jeep floor mats had three main criteria to meet:

  • Easy to clean because I wanted these to be the last floor mats I'd own.
  • Water-proof and with high ridges so that water does not spill over into the surrounding carpet.
  • Lastly, be large enough to over the stains that were in my carpet.

So the search was on for my dream set of Jeep floor mats. I looked everywhere, from Kmart to every possible Jeep website. Finally, I came across three types of custom Jeep floor mats that caught my attention. I ranked each mat by using the above three criteria. Here's how they scored:


3rd -
Weathertech Floor Mats
( approx. $45 )

These mats are made of non-stick and flexible rubber, making them a breeze to clean. The key feature of these mats are that they have many deep valleys and channels that can hold up to 1.5 quarts of water. My only complaint is that the mat does not have high outer lips, which would contain water better and cover the stains on my floor.

2nd -
Catch-All Front Floor Liners
( approx. $84 )

These plush nylon Liners are simple to clean and have a moisture barrier on the bottom to contain liquids. They offer a reinforced heal pad to protect from wear and tear. Also, a raised outer lips prevents spills and water from escaping the mat.

1st -
Husky Front Floor Liners
( approx. $69

Like the above two Jeep floor mats, these liners are easy to clean. They are made of molded plastic so water is contained in the mat. Even better, the 2.5 inch lip around the liner contains the most water out of all three. The high lip also appears that it would cover the stains on my carpet. In addition, they have a diamond plate pattern that prevents slipping and feature a molded tread on the bottom so the floor mats don't slide around.

After researching all three liners I decided to give the Husky Liners a shot.

Be careful when handling these Jeep floor mats, they have sharp treads on the bottom that keep them from sliding around.

Before I installed the liners I cleaned the area with a good carpet cleaner and allowed it to dry. Placing them in my Jeep was a piece of cake. Not only do they fit like a glove, but they cover much more carpet than my old Jeep floor mats.

About once a month I will take the liners out to clean them. My carpet still looks just as it did before I put the liners in. I usually spray the liners off with a garden hose and then use a glass cleaner to get the small spots off my Jeep floor mats.


Although some people may consider these Husky Liners a little pricey, they are worth their weight in gold and are much cheaper than replacing the carpet in my Jeep. After using Husky Liners for some time I would never give them up. I liked the Front Mats so much I bought a Rear Liner too. I whole heartedly recommend Husky Liners for protecting your Jeep's interior.