My installs & ideas for Jeep body armor to protect your exterior

By Robert B.

The trick to making your Jeep last long is to protect it with some Jeep body armor. Dents and dings in your exterior is what leads to cancerous rust.

Here I've put together some of my installs and recommendations to Jeep body armor that you can get to protect your exterior.

But if you're not looking for body armor, then check out some other Jeep exterior accessories at this great site:

4Wheel Drive Hardware

I hope these ideas and suggestions will help you to think of new ideas for protecting your Jeep and maybe weld together some Jeep body armor of your own!

Soon I will have articles about accessories to add to all Jeep models, broken down by vehicle, so you can get the most relevant tips and Jeep body armor for your Jeep. Before you leave, be sure to check out some Jeep body armor in my Jeep Gear section!

My Suggestions

Skid Plates - These are essentially the definition of Jeep body armor. No Jeep should be without a good set of skid plates to protect the critical components of your Jeep's undercarriage. For Jeep body armor, I highly recommend the Skid Row product line. They make rock solid products that I'm proud to carry!

My Installs

Custom 4x4 Rock Rails - Rocker protections should be one of the first items on your list when purchasing Jeep body armor. These rails can certainly take a beating. They are made very stout and have very strong mounting points. Check out my installation article!

POR-15 Undercarriage - The undercarriage of Jeeps is especially prone to rusting in areas that have their roads salted. When I installed my rock rails I had a ton of rust falling off into my eyes. Although this may not seem like the typical Jeep body armor, this POR-15 definetly helped to end most of my rust problems. I have so many more plans to use POR-15 on my Jeep!

Transfer Case Skid - I've purchased on of these skids and let me tell you, these things are rock solid! Every transfer case needs some type of protection on the trails and when I put my skid on I know what I'll be in good hands!

That about wraps up my ideas for Jeep body armor. If you would like to recommend some different body armor for a Jeep that I should put on this page, don't hesitate to contact me!