My guide to buying Jeep Bicycles

By Robert B.

I've always been a fan of anything with the Jeep brand, including Jeep bicycles. That is because Jeep products are built to last, from their Cherokee to these bicycles.

There are about 10 different models of bicycles by Jeep on the market, priced anywhere from $100 up to $1500. One of these Jeep bicycles would be a great addition to an off roading or camping trip, but you should only get what you need and can afford.

I'm going to present you with some information for each of these Jeep bicycles, comparing and contrasting the various models so that you can pick one that best suits your situation.

Youth Jeep Bicycles

There are two Jeep bicycles that come with training wheels for your little Jeeper, the Commando S Youth Mountain Bicycle and the Commando SE Youth Mountain Bicycle. These two bicycles are essentially the same, except for two key features that differ. The SE model has a rear shock and is made of alloy metal, while the S model is made of steel which will rust faster. The SE model is just $30 more, and its additional features seem to be more than worth the extra cost.

Commando SE Youth
Approx. $135

Commando S Youth
Approx. $105

Teenager Jeep Bicycles

Jeep bicycles also are available for your teenage Jeeper. The two models I recommend for this age group are the Commando Sport Mountain Bicycle and the Comanche Toledo Mountain Bicycle. The only performance difference is that the Comanche Toledo has a rear shock. Also these bikes are different heights. The Commando Sport has 20" wheels while the Comanche Toledo has 26" wheels. The Commando would be more idle for a young teenager (13 or 14 years old), while the Comanche Jeep bicycle is perfect for those older teenagers.

Comanche Toledo
Approx. $250

Commando Sport
Approx. $135

Adult Jeep Bicycles

For those more adult Jeepers, there are two Jeep bicycles geared towards adults. The Comanche Sahara Mountain Bicycle and the Wrangler Sahara Mountain Bicycle. Both of these Jeep bicycles have pretty much the same shape, but the Wrangler Sahara is made of better materials to make for a better ride and longer life. But that is not to say anything less of the Comanche Sahara, which is still an awesome bicycle.

Wrangler Sahara
Approx. $500

Comanche Sahara
Approx. $280

Extreme Jeep Bicycles

These last four Jeep bicycles are definetly made top of the line, exclusively for the rugged outdoors. If your going on any off road trip, these Jeep bicycles would make a great addition to the fun! Much like the adult bicycles, each of these bicycles are great, but as you go up in price the quality of materials improves and so does their perormance.

Liberty Sport
Approx. $400

Liberty Limited
Approx. $730

Liberty Laredo
Approx. $580

Grand Cherokee Laredo
Approx. $1250

All of these are great Jeep bicycles, I would never expect anything less from the Jeep brand. I personally prefer the Comanche Sahara because it would get me through any obstacles that I would encounter, and it is moderately priced. But take a look at all of the options, features, and prices then decide which Jeep bicycle is best for you!