My name is Robert B., the webmaster of Jeep Tech Tips. I'm 19 years old and attending the Ohio State University this year.

I'm the proud owner of a '96 XJ (Jeep Cherokee). It's moss green and currently has very few modifications, but that is soon to change!

The "Jeep Bug" bit me when I first started driving, when my father told me that he would give me his XJ when I graduate from high school. Now that it's mine I will gradually modify it as my time and budget permits.

Because I am a poor college student, all of my upgrades will be researched thoroughly so that I get the most bang for my buck. And I will document my research on this website to hopefully save time for other XJ owners such as yourself.

I would love to receive comments about my articles and recommendations for articles I should write, so please don't hesitate to contact me here:

Enjoy yourself on my site and I hope that I am of some help to you!


Robert B.