How I made this website and how you can make your own.

By Robert B.

So you want to know a little about my website and/or how to make your own? Well here's a very brief summary about my internet experiences.

Back in 1998 I was tired of using free webhosts that were using bombarding me with pop-ups, so I registered my domain (don't try it, it's not live any more) and got to work. Well, long story short, over the next few years I developed an internet portal that had a search engine, free email, lottery results, weather, etc. I was featured in various newspapers in my area because of my accomplishments at such a young age.

Back then I did the whole nine-yards of writing the HTML code for my pages, making my graphics with an image editor, programmed in cgi/perl, and uploading my pages in FTP. It's all right if you don't understand what I just said above, because it's all of that technical jargon that scares people away from making their own website.

My guess is you've had a good look around my site so far, right? I do NONE of that technical stuff above to develop this site. That's right, none, nada, zippo. All I do is write the content, which being about Jeeps, I can write till my heart is fulfilled! If you can work a basic word processor and surf the web, then you can create your own website.

Well traffic to my site is decent, good enough to get a rank in the top 2% of all websites online according to Most of my traffic comes from free search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and the like. I'm guessing you found my site through a search engine too! Each month this site is proving to be more and more profitable. I'm already working on my second site with this program, and I'll be sure to post a link to it here when it is finished!

By now I hope your just itching to know what one program I use to:

  • Build my site with out using technical jargon
  • Run my newsletter and forms
  • Submit my site to search engines
  • Monitor my site's traffic

It's all done by a program called Site Build It from SiteSell's Ken Evoy. I've purchased Ken's e-books in the past, my favorite being Make Your Site Sell , and all of his products are top-notch, grade-A material.

So how does this all apply to you? Site Build It can help you create not only a web site, but any type of web business about any topic. I'm going to be the first to warn you that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. This web site has taken time to research the topics and write the content. The easiest part about it is the Site Build It Manual helps you to pick a topic that you love and can write about for hours.

A good free course called "Affiliate Masters" actually helps you to develop a topic to write about and generate revenue through using affiliate programs. You can sign-up for this course by simply sending a blank email the following address, also please enter "MASTERS" (all capital letters, without quotes) at the beginning of the subject line or you will not receive the course :

All in all, I've done the all of the technical aspects of creating a website. It is a time consuming process that I did not want to experience again when I created my new website. I had high expectations for this Jeep web site when I originally chose to develop it with Site Build It, and it has far exceeded my initial goals. Just so you don't think my site is some type of fluke produced with Site Build It, check out these other high ranking sites ALL made with Site Built It, the results speak for themselves.

Well I've rambled on now about how I made my site. It's time for you to set down and think what do you want to make your site about and when are you going to get started.

Best of luck,

Robert B.

P.S. If you have any questions about Site Build It and how I use it for this site, please don't hesitate to contact me